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Things To Know About Gourmet Crumb Cakes

If you are looking for a wonderful dessert that is a crowd pleaser, consider making a stop in our bakery to buy one of our gourmet crumb cakes. Are you unfamiliar with crumb cakes? If so, you are missing out on a treat! However, you’re in luck, because after reading this article, you will learn all about crumb cakes, why ours are the best and what you are in store for. Read this article so that you can whet your appetite and then stop by our bakery in order to enjoy one of our gourmet crumb cakes.


What is a crumb cake?

If you are going to enjoy one of these tasty delicacies, you will need to know exactly what a crumb cake is. A crumb cake, which originated in Germany, is known for its key steam dome covering along with the crumbly components at the top. This cake is on the sweeter side. Crumb cake is made with a number of different flavor combinations. For instance, some people make blueberry crumb cake while others focus on vanilla, chocolate or powdered sugar. You can’t go wrong with this little specialty.

What types of ingredients are used?

Since many have allergies or food aversions, it is important to know exactly what types of food products are put into crumb cake. The one case that we serve either contain or have made some form of contact with eggs, various types of nuts, including peanuts, dairy, wheat and soybeans. For that reason, be sure that you get the okay from your doctor or make the proper provisions if you want to try this delicious crumb cake.

What makes your crumb cake the best?

Excellent question! Simply put, all of our cakes are made with love. We have a variety of chefs who make a pleasing dessert treat for you and your family. We use the finest ingredients so that you get to benefit from its fresh taste.

Our cakes can be enjoyed either piping hot or after being frozen for many months. This makes it an excellent gift for the holidays, Valentine’s Day or any other reason. You will be able to eat it fresh or keep it over the course of months if you have a quality freezer. We stand by the quality that we put into each and every one of our cakes and strive to satisfy every customer.

If you are looking for a savory dessert treat that will tickle your taste buds, consider getting one of our gourmet crumb cakes. We have been in business for years putting smiles on faces with our dessert treats and know that you will be next in line.

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